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Warhammer: The Old World - Tomb King On Chariot

Warhammer: The Old World - Tomb King On Chariot


Warhammer: The Old World - Tomb King On Chariot

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Tomb Kings are the ancient, long-dead rulers of the Great Land. They awaken from the sleep of death, possessing all the ambition and lust for power they had in life, and seeking to reclaim their plundered treasures and restore their ancient glory. Those who seek to get to grips with the enemy as quickly as possible ride into battle in a chariot pulled by skeletal steeds.

This multipart kit combines a plastic Skeleton Chariot with a metal Tomb King miniature, making for a mobile and deadly monarch. The noble rider can represent a Tomb King or Tomb Prince clad in ornate royal finery, and wields a finely-wrought great weapon from atop their chariot.

You can alternatively build this kit as a normal Skeleton Chariot with the included skeletal crew, and instead build the Tomb King on foot using the additional base provided.

This kit contains 3 metal components, 28 plastic components, a Citadel 25mm Square Base, and a Citadel 50x100mm Rectangular Base. This miniature is supplied unpainted and requires assembly – we recommend using Citadel Colour paints.


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