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Medici: The Board Game

Indeks: SFMED-001


Medici: The Board Game

Kupując ten produkt możesz zebrać do 13 punkty lojalnościowe. Suma twojego koszyka 13 punktów które można zamienić na kupon o wartości 2,60 zł.

136,99 zł


Typ wydania: samodzielna gra
Wiek: od 14 lat
Autor: Reiner Knizia
Mechanika: licytacja, renesans, zbieranie zestawów
Wydanie: angielskie
Rok wydania: 2024
Liczba graczy od: 2
Liczba graczy do: 5
Czas gry w min. od: 60
Czas gry w min. do: 60
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Więcej informacji


The beautiful streets of 16th century Florence are alive with opportunity! Step into the shoes of a merchant buyer in the profitable age of the infamous Medici family. Each day, you’ll go to the wholesale market, where the highest quality wares await a keen eye and a competitive bid - the finest cloth, exotic spices, grain from fields abroad, colourful dyes, lush furs and, rarely, gold from mines far across the waters…

A classic Reiner Knizia auction game for 2-6 players, now with a whole new look! This new edition of Medici features new artwork and visuals designed to immerse you in the beauty and bustle of 16th century merchant trading in Florence, Italy. 

Medici takes place over three days (rounds). Taking on the role of seafaring traders, you’ll present goods to be auctioned and bid to fill your ships with cargo. When the day ends, you’ll receive coin for your wares. But be careful - the money you’ll use to bid is also your end-game points!

In the box

  • 1 Game board
  • 6 Large ship mats
  • 2 Small ship mats
  • 6 Ship tokens
  • 36 Commodity cards
  • 36 Player counters
  • 3 Player aid cards
  • 1 First player card
  • 5 Commodity counters
  • 2 Day counters
  • 1 Rulebook


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