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Star Wars LCG

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Star Wars LCG: Trust in the Force

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Trust in the Force to piąty Force PackAlliances Cycle - piątej serii dodatków do gry karcianej Star Wars LCG.

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Typ wydania:dodatek do gry
Rodzaj:gra karciana
Wiek:od 10 lat
Liczba graczy :2
Autor:Eric M. Lang
Czas gry:ok 60 min
Główna cecha gry:konfigurowalna (LCG, CCG)
Koszulki na karty:standard card
Rok wydania:2018

Więcej informacji

"This is Master Obi-Wan Kenobi. I regret to report that both the Jedi and the Republic have fallen, with the dark shadow of the Empire rising to take their place. This message is a warning and a reminder for any surviving Jedi: Trust in the force. Do not return to the Temple. That time has passed, and our future is uncertain."
     –Obi-Wan Kenobi

Trust in the Force is the fifth Force Pack in the Alliances cycle for Star Wars™: The Card Game.

While the mighty mechanical feet of the Galactic Empire's AT-ATs and AT-STs trample across the galaxy, the defenders of freedom hide themselves on desert planets and in the icy wastes, biding their time until they can mount a critical counterattack. The Jedi haven fallen. Alderaan has been destroyed. But these ScoutsLeadersTroopers, and Force Users still have hope for a brighter future. They still trust that if they can rally new recruits—and spur new worlds to action—they can still win the war.

With its sixty new cards (including two copies each of five new objective sets), Trust in the Forcepushes the Alliances cycle closer to its climactic conclusion. Even as it continues to develop the cycle's support for decks that feature two or more affiliations, Trust in the Force follows the march of General Veers and his Walkers across the frozen surface of Hoth. It lends support to those massive war machines with a new Scum objective set that protects and enhances your Vehicles. And it peers into the hidden corners of Hoth and Tatooine, where Jawas, Rebel Troopers, and Jedi Masters all work in secret to rally new forces against Imperial tyranny.

This is not a standalone game experience. Requires a copy of the Star Wars™: The Card Game Core Set to play.


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Star Wars LCG: Trust in the Force

Star Wars LCG: Trust in the Force

Trust in the Force to piąty Force PackAlliances Cycle - piątej serii dodatków do gry karcianej Star Wars LCG.

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