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Ogors (Ogres)

Indeks: 95-06


Warhammer Fantasy. Age of Sigmar: Ogors (Ogres)

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Kupując teraz ten produkt otrzymasz 12 punktów lojalnościowych. Twój koszyk wyniesie 12 punkty które mogą być zamienione na jeden bon o wartości 2,40 zł.

124,99 zł

Więcej informacji

The Gutbusters exist as nomadic empires of warmongering ogors. Larger and stronger than most other races of the realms, they range across the lands robbing and raiding to keep their caravans filled with victuals. They worship Gorkamorka as the Great Beast that Consumes the World, their driving ambition to devour the Mortal Realms. To the Gutbusters, everything is either food for now or food for later, and their minds are forever fixated on where their next juicy meal is coming from. Many favour bludgeoning weapons, and sometimes even blunt their blades, so as not to lose any precious blood or ruin organs when they slay their enemies, saving the tenderised meat-bags for a bit of snacking later on. 

This multi-part plastic set contains 131 components with which to build six Ogors that can be armed with a combination of clubs, blades and iron fists. Options are included for building a Crusher, an Icon Bearer and a Bellower. Supplied with 6 Citadel 40mm Round bases and 6 Citadel 25mm Round bases.


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