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Start Collecting! Necrons

Indeks: 70-49


Warhammer 40000: Start Collecting! Necrons

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Kupując teraz ten produkt otrzymasz 22 punktów lojalnościowych. Twój koszyk wyniesie 22 punkty które mogą być zamienione na jeden bon o wartości 4,40 zł.

222,99 zł


Rok wydania: 2016

Więcej informacji

For sixty million years the Necrons have slumbered, their tomb worlds filled with dormant armies and inactive war machines. Now they are awakening as if from half-remembered nightmares, and the galaxy shudders at their return. From vast crypt-fortresses, burnished legions emerge into the dying light of the 41st Millennium, a steel sea rippling beneath the crackling energy discharge of esoteric battle engines. Swarming metal Scarabs, talon-limbed horrors and spectral assassins accompany them, their alien minds focused on a single purpose – to reclaim the stars. 

This is a great-value box set that gives you an immediate collection of fantastic Necrons miniatures, which you can assemble and use right away in games of Warhammer 40,000! You’ll receive a Necron Overlord, an Annihilation Barge with Lord On Foot (which can be built as a Catacomb Command Barge), 12 Necron Warriors, 3 Scarab Swarms and 5 Immortals (which can be built as Deathmarks.)


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