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Blood Bowl

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Blood Bowl: The Inaugural Blood Bowl Almanac (Eng)


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Blood Bowl: The Inaugural Blood Bowl Almanac (Eng) 

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Typ wydania:książka
Wiek:od 12 lat
Liczba graczy :2
Rok wydania:2016

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Compiling together the 2 Death Zone Seasons available so far, with some fantastic content from White Dwarf articles content added on, this is an essential book for every Blood Bowl coach. Contained in the 140-page hardback:

- Official League rules! This is a guide to running a Blood Bowl league, taking you through drafting and maintaining teams, dealing with casualties, earning and spending Star Player points, playoffs and continuing into new seasons. Includes a blank roster/match record sheet;

- Optional League rules! With these, you can handicap the amount of gold that top-flight teams earn, keep Star Players around longer, earn sponsorship deals (as long as you don’t mind being a dirty shill), bring in infamous referees, cheerleader and coaching staff, use different balls (some of which are a bit… explodey), and set up exhibition matches;

- 12 Star Players! Barik Farblast, Glart Smashrip, Kreek Rustgouger, Horkon Heartripper, The Swift Twins, Bo Gallanté, Willow Rosebark, Karla Von Kill, Helmut Wulf, Ripper Bolgrot, Scrappa Sorehead, and Madcap Miggz are all in here, ready to play for your team (for a price);

- Hall of Fame! The Bright Crusaders, Orcland Raiders, Warpfire Wanderers, The Greenboyz, The Grudge Bearers, The Celestial Comets, The Chaos All-Stars, and The Underworld Creepers are featured in this illustrious, glorious Hall, along with their history and team rosters;

- More Stuff! Alternate rules for using Special Play cards, a compendium of player skills, an OFFICIAL reference for the teams available to play, a summary of all the Star Players and a selection of weather tables, all in one handy place;

- An FAQ! This provides clarity on a number of rules based on feedback from the Blood Bowl community.


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Blood Bowl: The Inaugural Blood Bowl Almanac (Eng)

Blood Bowl: The Inaugural Blood Bowl Almanac (Eng)

Blood Bowl: The Inaugural Blood Bowl Almanac (Eng) 

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