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Epic Encounters  

Each warband box contains a plot-driven adventure with a rich fantasy setting. There, you'll face an epic encounter with a unique boss and their minions! Each set includes up to 20 detailed, pre-assembled minis (with up to nine unique sculpts) an adventure book, and double-sided game mat to bring your story to life. Slot your warband box into an existing campaign, play as a one-shot adventure, or combine with a boss box for a climactic finish!

Want a BIG challenge? Then grab a boss box! These sets contain standalone set-piece encounters that can be used in any campaign, or as a climactic finale to a warband box. Inside, you'll find a HUGE boss mini (the red dragon has an 11-inch wingspan!) and an adventure book packed with enough prompts, stats, and monster knowledge to set your imagination alight.

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Pokazuje 1 - 16 z 16 elementów

Pokazuje 1 - 16 z 16 elementów